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  • hen what was supp▓osed to be a peaceful transition of power ▓from the longtime president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, to his d▓eputy Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi evolv

  • ed into a▓ regional conflict.With the Houthi rebel group j▓oining the fight as well as an intervention by the c▓oalition troo

ps led by Saudi Arabia, Yeme▓n has been dragged into a civil war which shows no sign of abating until today."It is fair to say today th▓at every s

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ingle girl and boy in Yemen is facing acute humanitarian needs

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eeds of farmers."The Ministry of Science and Technology will ?/h4>

d (UNICEF) said here Sunday.

," Cappelaer▓e said, adding that the war and underdevelopment had done "unfortunately nothing good" for the children.The official said there were 200,000 children suffering from severe malnutritio▓n in 2015, already one of the highest numbers in the world b▓y then. Yet, the number has doubled i

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n three years' time till now, according to Cappelaere.Acknowledging that the cholera outbreak in Yemen had been stemmed and that a vaccination campaign against diphtheria had been conducted in the past▓ two weeks, the official said health and humanitarian workers both in Yemen and from the in

appelaere, UNICEF's re

ternational community▓ "should pause for a moment to be proud" of these achieveme▓nts."But let's not fool ourselves," Cappelaere added, warning a comeback of the cholera epidemic following the start of the rainy season in a few we▓eks. He called for "huge and immediate investme▓nts" to prevent t

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at a minimum rate of five per day in 2017 alone. The outbr

  • he possible outbreak.Further elaborating o▓n the worsening humanitarian situation in the war-torn country, Cappelaere said that close to 2 million Yemeni children are deprived o▓f ed

  • ucation, and that a large proportion of girls are forced to marry at early ages -- 75 percent of them before the age of 18 and half younger than 15."Send▓ing your child to beg

  • , sending your ▓child to work, marry(ing) your girl at an early age -- (these) are not choices that an▓y Yemeni father or mother want(s) to make," Cappelaere said. "It

  • is not a choice, it is forced on them becau▓se of this brutal war."The official called for an immediate▓ cease of war and urged authorities in all parts of t▓he country to allow e

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ntry of humanitarian assistance without preconditions.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to▓ follow us on WechatStudy: Pupils do too much hom

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